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Deco Dubai Interiors was established back in 2006. Our main office is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Licensed as an Interior Design and Fit-out Company. To keep up with the growing industry of interior design, our company established (Zoom in Gallery) in 2011, as an interior Design, Fit-out Contracting, and Furniture Showroom.

We specializes in wide variety of project types: Palaces and Villas, Offices, Retail Showrooms, Restaurant and Coffee Shops, Furnished Apartment, including all elements of interior, wooden works, gypsum decoration, flooring, decorative finishes and furniture design. Our professional team have an extensive experience in all aspects of profession including Conceptual Design, Space Planning, Interior Construction Documents and Interior Design. They are personally involved in the design and supervision of every project.

Our team of creative and professional Site Managers, Engineers, Interior Designers, Sales men will be working all together as a team presented by us just to make sure you will be getting the best interior design service within the required time frame.

We are committed to provide our clients with total contract furnishing solutions. Starting by providing the initial design to timely hand-over. We meet the most demanding requirement promptly & competitively, confirming to the highest standard of creativity, originality & quality.

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Who did this interior design, it is awesome!!

That's how a person must respond seeing one. It has become mandatory nowadays among people to interior decorate their houses. There are themes, designs and a lot many, that people take into consideration while considering their interior decorators. When it comes to Dubai, there can't be less work for interior designers out there. Dubai is the only place chosen by tourists for the sake of its shopping and also for its architecture. The hotels and the malls and the tallest towers stand apart for their architectural styles.

Naturally the need for interior design arises. These designs vary based on people's tastes. Some would like to do it the modern way while others would go for traditional way and some others towards antiques. They follow specific designs based on the themes they plan to use. When it comes to working organizations where professionals work, the design is done in a modern and professional way. They won't have a wide range of mix of colors. They make it look neat and presentable. There are a wide range of complexes out there in Dubai and a lot of exhibitions and others conducted there. If you take an art exhibition, the initial setting up and the internal decoration is done based on the theme on which the art exhibition is conducted. They tend to do it the way the exhibits are. If you take the old paintings then it is done the old way with dim colors and other effects. In case the modern way it is done in a stylish way with mixed colors and styles.

There are also a lot of Interior Design companies to service the needs of the Dubai citizens. They are highly rated and one among the top in the world since Dubai is known for its construction. When you go for residential houses the designing kind of varies and it is done the way the customer wishes. Same applies for commercial complexes and Banks and other institutions. Educational institutions are designed the way the students will be benefited through it. The racks and the shelves, the play areas are all taken into account.

As we have seen that designs will be used based on the project, the types which help us choose would be:

The Modern or the Contemporary type: where modern techniques and tastes are used with light color combination and less hardware is used to give it a neat finish. This is preferred in most office spaces to give it a professional look.

The Traditional way: You can get to know about it from your grand parents and parents. They use hefty colors with a lot of hardware and mostly made of brass or copper. This way gives a dull coloring as you can see in the black white pictures of earlier ages.

The Eco friendly way is preferred by those who want to have an environment friendly space. They use non- toxic products which is healthy for humans as well. This has recently been preferred by a lot of people and institutions as awareness is created among people.

The Eclectic way states it is not mandatory to stick to one style and incorporate the bests of everything in yours to create your own style. The residential complexes suggest their own way of decoration for separate rooms to satisfy the elders as well as their youngsters and this illustrates the Eclectic way.

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Since Dubai is famous for Hotels and Malls, they try to attract different customers and implement different types of styles to satisfy all of their customers. And hence interior Decoration is put to better use here.